Profile: Yula

Name: Yulia

I am: Female

Age: 30 years old

Country: Ukraine

Last active: 2 hours ago

Looking for: Male 29-37 year old| years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship

English, Russian

156 cm

54 kg

Looking for: Male 29 - 37 year old| years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship











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Bieso - 24-07-2020

i worship this girl is god

Enriqueantonio - 21-07-2020

Hoola. Me encantaría conocerte. Eres muy hermosa sabes? Que Tengas un Hermoso Día. Estoy pendiente de Ti. Saludos. 😘

Paul01 - 11-07-2020

It is not a girl it is guy trying to make money, wake up everybody scammers are guys usually! FAKE!

Paul01 - 11-07-2020


anthony007 - 01-07-2020

theses are the cafe boys from Ghana scammers, please everyone reports her to the admin,i have not sent her any messages because it is so obvious this profile is a fake, please be aware of another scam also like of skype they will use prerecording girls and they will tell you her microphone is not working,i hope admin will take note

Nickyana - 02-06-2020


777GEORGE777 - 27-05-2020

юля привет...Свяжись со мной в вайбер или вотсап +995555400802.Рад буду знакомству💋

Bedjo7 - 04-05-2020

nice to meet u😍

Tatarin23 - 30-04-2020

Мдааа... Тут можно сказать только то, что ты модель... 🤗 О которой мечтать должны миллионы воздыхателей... Среди которых есть и я... 😉

angel_jesus - 29-04-2020

greetings it is a pleasure to meet you +584168409293 wshapp

blu101 - 21-03-2020

i found many profiles using these photos.
its a parasite scammer i think.
fake at the very least

Adil1000 - 21-02-2020

you are f*ck*ng ugly

Roccstar - 31-01-2020

sick of the fakes on here 👹 might close my account.... I man better off wiv REAL dating da women in my country 🇬🇧💯👌🏽👌🏽 & yo my money stays wiv me NO woman is gettin nuthin, women in my country work 💯💯💯👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 NOT live off men REAL talk!!! 💯🇬🇧💯 dis black dude from Africa makes me sick I'm an ALPHA hetro guy, don't be f**kin visiting ma page again u sick f**k 😡😡

jitem - 03-01-2020

everyone be careful this fake person is in the biggest probability pervert black man who is from africa if it is such this someone might show you his black d*ck therefore be careful otherwise if you see his b l a c k di c k this someone might say to you oyeeeeee oyeeeee oyeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Explorer - 06-12-2019

Hi Yilia
you are damn beauty.
I am serious person interested in you.
pls tell me more about you.
Warm regards

Sexi4 - 13-11-2019

Ven a Colombia love😍😍😍😍

Jehony - 23-10-2019

eres la reina👸que todo👑quiere a su lado💑

asa291969 - 22-10-2019


gildur77 - 21-10-2019


Bawar129 - 17-09-2019

eveyone must report on the account to be deleted

Bawar129 - 17-09-2019

fake account

Carlos91 - 09-09-2019

You are a beutiful woman. I like to know you. Always be happy

Nusrat - 29-06-2019

Просто Прелесть