Профиль: Kaelyn23

Имя: Kaelyn

Я: Женщина

Возраст: 24 года

Страна: Россия

Последняя активность: 2 недели назад

Ищу: Мужчину 20-42 лет

для: Дружба, Брак, Романтика, Серьезные отношения


Английский, Русский

Ищу: Мужчину 20 - 42 лет

для: Дружба, Брак, Романтика, Серьезные отношения


Cally_bally - 11-08-2018

Kaelyn ..I'm cally walker ...thanks for your kiss...I like chat with you..

Kutson - 06-08-2018

Hello babe, you're an amazing girl full of thought of doing great in life and to also make the life to be fun and meaningful for others, if you really need someone to arrest the thought of all guys are there same and the fear of loving again when you got the right person here, life is full of so many good things don't let the fear of the past drive you away from the right person. Peter

Shariful - 29-07-2018

thank for your kiss. mohammadchowdhury73.make a mail please

Aldy_wp - 11-03-2018

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